The backstory of my image “East Lake”

How I discovered and the process I took to make this image captured in the High Sierra range in 1999

In 1999, I went on a backpack trip into Sequoia – Kings Canyon National Park, where we started at Cedar Grove and had a relentless ascent of 4,513′ over 11 miles up a canyon to Bubb’s Creek Wall.  While my boyfriend at the time was there to put up a new climbing route with a buddy, I wandered on (after a nights rest) on an overnight photo excursion by myself to East Lake . On my way across the High Sierras at Junction Meadow I headed onto a trail heading south along East Creek and came to East Lake where I was mesmerized by the mirror calm water, granite and soft light.  This is the beauty of the High Sierra and I had plenty of incredible images to capture!

I camped near the lake edge and was able to literally put my tripod in the water and take this photograph on my Nikon film camera with a wide angle lens (about 20mm). Using a glass graduated Neutral Density filter I was able to balance the exposure between the detail in the crystal clear lake and the brighter sunset colors gracing the distant mountains.  The heavy tripod which I had carried more than 15 miles was imperative for the long exposure in this low light.   In those days I used Fujichrome Velvia film which captured the true colors of these high vistas, and then this slide was drum scanned for a hi-rez image file that was printed.

If you want to see this image in person, it is on display, and for sale at Art Obsessions Gallery in Reno, NV
I plan to be at the gallery for “Meet the Artist” receptions the next two Saturdays – 12/10/2022 and 12/17/2022 from 3-7 PM
The gallery is located in the Village at Rancharrah and has lots of other festivities planned these days as well.

If you’re interested in more details about this photo, or my process or about this very special place, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Wild and Wonderous Tasmania…….


Dusk at Friendly Beach, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

The first time I had heard about Tasmania, I imagined a place where you’d see that crazy Tasmanian Devil I remembered from watching Saturday morning Bugs Bunny cartoons.   But really?  No.  Tasmania is not that hot, dusty wide open space with tumbleweed and that out of control spinner frothing at the mouth.  Its almost completely the opposite – green and lush in the middle of the state and clean and pure around the edges.  It does have Tasmanian devils but they actually look more like a cross between a small dog and a skunk minus the fluffy tail and they don’t look like they can spin.

I wanted to share a few images from my recent trip up the east coast as it was truly wild and wondrous and all I can say is I wish I had been able to spend more time!

Crystalline aqua waves

Crystalline aqua waves, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Coral of sorts on seashell

Coral of sorts on seashell

Taylor's Beach, Bay of Fires Conservation Area, Tasmania

Taylor’s Beach, Bay of Fires Conservation Area, Tasmania



Image thought for the week…..
“Life is truly a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see and be” – Trudy Vesotsky

Envision: The Life Cube

Envision: The Life Cube.

Be a part of one of the most exciting art projects at this year’s Burning Man festival.  The project is half way to its funding goal on kickstarter.  Truly an engaging and interactive place on the Playa for the shared expression of ambitions, dreams, goals and wishes, with more opportunities to participate than ever before.

Capturing that surreal photograph…..

I want to let everyone know about hiking/photographic experiences in the Lake Tahoe area that are out of this world! We not only have a blast together making photographs but we hike amazing places and share thoughts and ideas that excite the soul.   

Come join me in Lake Tahoe for a spectacular hiking get-a-way and sharpen your photography skills at the same time.  Through my alliance with Tahoe Trips & Trails, an adventure travel company based in Truckee, California, I am able to offer these spectacular guided photography hiking opportunities with distinctive accommodations and delicious meals from top-rated Stella Restaurant.  After days filled with photography opportunities, we enjoy  seeing how each of us captures a different perspective on similar scenes and take time for constructive critiques.   I strive to provide an experience that exceeds every expectation.  

Dates in Tahoe in 2012:

August 2nd – 5th

September 27th-30th

If you can’t make the summer dates, there is also an opportunity to join me in Yosemite, October 21-26th.  More details on my website.  

I hope you can join me this summer!  – Niobe


Where is that Bonsai rock…..

© 2012 Niobe Burden

Bonsai rock on Lake Tahoe

New imagery that will make you stop and contemplate –

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Site specific art installation in Tahoe City

Detours: Tahoe City 2011 is an exhibition of 14 artists from California which takes place in downtown Tahoe City, CA during the months of August and September, 2011.  A public opening reception will take place on August 5, 2011 from 4pm to 7pm with performances, music and refreshments at Heritage Square dovetailing the First Friday Opening at North Tahoe Arts down the street. Maps will be available throughout Tahoe City for the self-guided tour.

For mor information to to –

For information on my specific art installation go to –

A glimpse at my installation idea…..  Pier of Long Past

Save the date for the opening reception and come join the fun!!

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